Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Darkmoon Faire and You: A PSA

Hey there, gold fans!  Just a quick reminder tonight for those of you like me who are shuffling professions around or otherwise trying to skill up before Mists.  The Darkmoon Faire is in town, and this is the last opportunity you'll have to take advantage of it before Mists releases.

The biggest draw to the Faire, especially this month and next, is the variety of monthly profession quests, each of which earns you 5 skill points in that profession.  Some people prefer to save these for the last 5 skill levels in a profession.  Others prefer to use them to ease a bottleneck (anything that lets me level Alchemy with a few less Goldthorn is a good thing in my book).

Either way, just be sure you get these free skill points by the end of the week.  Don't do what I've done many times, insisting to yourself that you're going to use them on a particular level, then not having time to get to that level before the Faire is gone.  Better to "waste" it on some relatively easy levels and at least save the mat cost than to not use it at all.

Also, do remember that many of these quests require outside materials not available on Faire grounds.  Save yourself a bit of trouble and pick them up before you go.

Tailoring:  One Coarse Thread, one Red Dye, and one Blue Dye, all available from any tailoring supplies vendor or most trade supplies vendors.

Alchemy:  5 Moonberry Juice, available from any innkeeper in "old world" Azeroth.

Inscription:  5 Light Parchment, sold by any inscription supplies vendor.

Leatherworking:  10 Shiny Baubles, 5 Coarse Thread, and 5 Blue Dye, available either separately from fishing and tailoring vendors, or all together from a trade supplies vendor.

The rest of the primary profession quests supply you with everything you need.  So go out there and get crafting!

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