Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quick Update on Inks

Just wanted to point out, as a follow-up to my previous post, that I just logged into beta to check a few things, and the ink trader is now trading various inks for the new Ink of Dreams, not the old Blackfallow Ink.

For some reason, Snowfall Ink, Inferno Ink, and Starlight Ink (the MoP rare ink) are still listed as costing 10 Blackfallow Ink, but this is likely an oversight, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this changed in the next build or two.

So, the point in all this?  Keep an eye on MMO-Champion and other WoW news sites, because in addition to hopefully getting some news about an MoP release date soon, we will get at least a week's notice before patch 5.0.3 goes live.  Be sure you trade down your Blackfallow Ink before that patch goes live!


  1. Blackfallow going to end up being only used for one glyph?

    1. Not necessarily. It could end up being used for some new monk glyphs and/or new glyphs that are going to be truly new (i.e. not using the same item ID as old glyphs). It's hard to say, as oftentimes a beta can come and go, and we won't see a lot of the recipes more than half-finished before they're live.

      Even if it is still just used for one glyph, though, it's not completely useless. There are Mysterious Fortune Cards and Dusts of Disappearance to craft with them, as well as the Adventurer's Journals that'll likely be popular with powerleveling monks/pandaren. So there should still be ways to unload it if you're stuck with it, much like Pyrite Ore after 4.3. It's just better to not be stuck with it in the first place.