Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gold Capped!

Remember my sales summary post last Thursday, when I said that at the pace I was going, I'd be gold capped in about two weeks?  Since then, I'd been noticing myself outpacing that, to the point where I woke up to a Halloween miracle today.  After logging into each of my alts and checking their mail, I found the little gold summary in the corner of my WoW client reading over 1 million!

Obviously, there was one thing to do before anything else:  take a screenshot!

So beautiful, isn't it?  After that, I wanted to experience truly being capped, so it was time to once again log onto each of my alts, this time to send all of their hard-earned gold to my Druid.

And a zoom-in on the bags, because I can't make the above pic any bigger without messing up all the formatting of the blog post:

I was a little disappointed by a couple of things.  First off, it wouldn't let me open the mail from my last alt, because the amount of gold contained there would have put me over cap.  So I had to return that gold (thank goodness for Postal's return button), and instead figure out the exact amount to send to myself that would put me at cap.  I also couldn't get the "You can't carry any more gold" error.  In fact, I tried vendoring something while at gold cap, and the vendor still took the item, while offering me nothing in return.

Still, I'm finally here. In a way, it's the finish line, but in an another way, it means things are just beginning.  I'm playing with the big boys (and girls) now.

I remember one of the first gold-making podcasts I ever listened to was an episode of the Power Word Gold Podcast where Jim and Jokine were discussing the view some people in the gold-making community had, that someone was only worth listening to if they were gold capped.  Neither of them believed that (Jim has, in fact, been wonderful as both colleague and resource), but there are still those out there in the community who think that way.  So, if any of those people are reading this, I have just one thing to say:

I'm capped now, so pay attention.

There's so much more I could (and will) say about this milestone and the journey that led me here, but for now, I'll simply let the joy of this moment speak for itself as I savor it.

One thing's for sure, though:  I may be capped now, but I'm not going anywhere.  I hope you'll join me right here for tomorrow's Weekly Sales Summary.  Until then, as always, good night and good gold.


  1. Well! This was actually the first post i read on your blog. I did think it was a great achivement and even went to look straight away for the addons you use because it did create an impression on me!
    I didn't comment, but i also didn't follow the journey! I only saw the end result :)
    Nevertheless, well done and congratulations!
    I'll keep dropping by from now on, get some ideas and inspiration!

    1. Thank you. I've thought about doing a spotlight on addons, but of the many I have, but there's really not too much I use that's gold making related. TSM, Auctionator and Postal are all pretty standard for gold making at this point. Honestly, it's more about having a feel for your market, knowing what's profitable and what isn't, and above all, being persistent. Do almost anything every day for a year and it adds up.

      Still, I do look at my addons here and see a few more that are at least peripherally related to gold-making, so an addon spotlight post, or even multiple smaller posts, might have something to it.