Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekly Sales Summary 10/25

Hey there, gold fans!  Just a quick weekly sales summary today, like I promised you earlier in the week.  I can go on and on about what's been making me a profit, but a picture really is worth a thousand words.  Without any further delay, let's get into this week's screencap.

A few things should be noted.  In terms of pure sales, Living Steel was the best performer.  However, it also has the lowest profit margin, and unless you've got as many alchemists as I do, you're unlikely to have 28 to sell in a week, anyway.

Darkmoon cards are solid, when they sell.  Right now, there's a glut of supply, without much demand to eat it up.  Expired auctions are common, and a backlog's beginning to build.  In the long run, that's fine, as it means more in stock when the fair rolls around.  In the short run, though, it does dig into my profits, having to supply 6 Scribes with their Starlight Ink on a daily basis.

Ghost Iron Dragonlings have made it onto the first page, but their profit margin is actually not great.  However, each one sold almost inevitably means someone will be buying three Tinker's Gears.  Those didn't quite make it to the front page, but with their incredibly cheap mat cost, they're almost entirely profit.  ( For example, I sold 13 Smooth Tinker's Gear at 108 gold each.  Doesn't sound like much, but each one cost less than 20 gold to make.)

Other than that, results are fairly typical.  Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Jewelcrafting are all strong showers.  The only reason Tailoring hasn't made an appearance yet is because I have yet to get the Spirits on my tailor to buy the patterns.  I should have much more time to do that now, though.  My Druid has reached Exalted with Golden Lotus, will reach Exalted with Klaxxi tomorrow, and has reached Revered with the Shado-Pan.  Three less sets of dailies means more time to get those alts up and get them their patterns.

How did this all add up in terms of liquid gold?

Current total is 855k, up about 75k from my "I'm Not Dead" post a little less than a week ago.  Not a breakneck pace, but certainly not bad either (plus I'm sitting on a rather large pile of Darkmoon cards).  If I can keep going at this pace, I could be gold capped in as little as another couple of weeks.

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