Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Sales Summary 11/09/2012

Greetings, gold fans!  I apologize for being fairly quiet, but to be honest, it's been a slow week, especially for a Fair week (more on that a little further in).  When it's a slow week, the gold making process tends to be boring.  When that gets boring, it's harder to get motivated to write about it.  It hasn't been uncommon this week for little daily bursts of WoW to be followed by long stretches of playing my Mechromancer in Borderlands 2.

Still, sales have been made, so let's at least give a bit of an attempt to analyze them.

As you can see, Darkmoon cards are still prominent, but not as much as last week.  I also let a Tiger's Deck go fairly cheap, simply because that's the kind of server this is, especially now that we're into our second Fair.

What's happened to Darkmoon cards?  It's a combination of a few factors, I think.  With the very late implementation of the Ink Trader last Fair, very few people were able to make full decks, and many were left with an inordinate amount of Starlight Ink.  Making things worse is that the "I can just get everything from LFR" attitude has increased with ilvl 483 items available from Heart of Fear.  All in all, I think we're seeing Darkmoon cards fade into obscurity much quicker this expansion.  Not something I want to hear as someone with six Scribes, but there it is.

Sales for the week total 148,951 gold.  Not bad, but purchases total 224,806 gold.  Wait, what?  Oh, that's right.  The Black Market Auction House.  There are very few of the cosmetic things there that would catch my eye (although if, say, Mimiron's Head came up, it'd be another story).  However, Sunday night saw a metaphorical horse of a different color enter the BMAH.  By which I mean, not a horse at all, or a mount of any kind.

No, Sunday night featured something much more special on the BMAH:  my heroic boots.  I know some would say it's silly to spend too much on something that will just be replaced at whatever theoretical point in the future brings us tier 15, and objectively, they're probably right.  When you're a main tank for a raid group, though, it's hard to quantify that boost to your whole group's progress.  And that's how the last half hour of the auction turned into a bidding war between myself and a Gnome Monk, with me eventually winning the boots for 180k.

Still, viewed another way, that means I only spent 44,806 gold on more routine things, mostly crafting materials (especially ink).  For a week with 148k in revenue, I can live with 45k of expenses.

I do plan to do at least one more post between now and next week's summary.  I don't have a topic chosen yet, though.  This means if there's something you'd like to hear about, you should definitely leave me a comment.  If I don't get any, I'll still come up with a topic on my own, but I'd much rather know what you'd like to see.

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