Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! A New Project Unfolds

Long time, no see, gold fans!  I'd definitely like to apologize for my extended absence.  Things have just been so busy with the holidays.  Combine that with the fact that there hasn't been anything terribly new in gold making, and it makes for a real lack of motivation to post.

Still, it's a new year, and I'm excited to take Swishco Ventures into 2013.  It's certainly been an exciting year, with many things to celebrate, from the start of this blog to reaching my first million.  And as much as I may sometimes complain, wondering if anyone's reading this thing, I can also look at the stats and see this blog is doing better than I ever imagined.

However, with success comes choices.  What should I do next?  What's the next big goal?  At first, I thought it would be 2 million, but that just doesn't seem to have the same appeal as that first million.  I'd rather have a learning experience, do something I haven't done yet.

So what do I want to learn, and perhaps through my experience, teach others?  I want to learn how to start from scratch (slowly develop an army instead of already having at least a decent basis).  I want to learn the differences between a medium population server where my side is the minority (like my current server), and a high population server where my faction's in control.

Then I remembered a discussion my guild had a while back about possibly switching servers.  It hasn't panned out so far (we've got a member or two holding out), but it gives me a flimsy excuse.  I can investigate and build resources on that specific server, rather than some random one that may not ever see any further activity.

Furthermore, as I bounced this idea around with my partner, he expressed the desire to join me, and to perhaps turn it into a competition as well.  So we're both going to start out on this new server, without any outside help, and with very few rules otherwise (one of the main ones being no Death Knights until at least one character is level 55).  Classes, professions, and methods are all up to the player's discretion.  First one to gold cap (or perhaps to make such a large gap that the other gives up) wins.

Thus, it is with great pride that I introduce the star of this new endeavor:  Naturalcause, Undead Hunter on Zul'jin-US.

Look for another post later in the week as I sort out what I want to do as far as professions.  Inscription has definitely crossed my mind as one, since much as I hate the glyph market, it is one of the only professions where you can make things right from the beginning that are useful to characters of any level.  I'm still definitely open to suggestions, though, so post them in the comment section if you have them.

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