Friday, June 8, 2012

Late Weekly Update

Hey there, gold fans.  I realize I said I'd post a weekly summary late Tuesday night, but real life's been riding me rather hard, and I never really got around to it.  I'm taking a vacation next weekend, so I've been trying to get ahead on all my coursework.  I sincerely apologize to anyone who was dying of anticipation.

So, without further ado, this week's numbers:

Liquid gold summary:
Only a couple major things of note here.  First, I'm really psyched because I'm getting close to the half-million milestone!  At the rate I'm going, I should have it by this time next week, no problem.  Secondly, you'll notice my gold's a little more spread out than it was last week.  My druid is still my banker, but a sizable chunk went to my mage.  He's my main cross-faction procurer, and I was getting tired of feeding him gold.  The second largest chunk went to my warrior, who's my blacksmith/engineer.  I make a new batch of blacksmithing goods at least once a day, and swapping back and forth to my druid was getting tedious.

The only other one who may get a bit of cash in the future is my rogue, the enchanter/scribe.  However, I've pretty much gotten out of the glyph market for now, and my enchanting materials mostly come from my jewelcrafting.  The main exception is Maelstrom Crystals, which are the responsibility of my only toon exalted with the Avengers of Hyjal, my druid.  (For those still unaware, enchanters who are at least friendly can get Maelstrom Crystals for 200 gold via the cloaks sold by the Firelands vendor.  This price goes down as your reputation increases, to 175 at exalted.)

Next up, the MySales screen:

Red gems, enchants, and blacksmithing items continue to top the list, but there are a few things I'd like to point out.  First off, the gems were actually not selling well at all until Tuesday, and most of the sales have been since then.  As I said on that day, the recent nerf means people are able to down more content and thus get more gear, and all that gear needs gems and enchants.

Secondly, this is all with no cancelling, which was a hard habit for me to break.  Before, I was running a cancel scan every hour.  With all the auctions I have, though, this would often take up to a half hour each time, and it just wasn't worth it.  My sales haven't really dipped because of it, particularly since that's now time that can be spent dipping my toe in new markets.

One of those new markets is the Hardened Obsidium items from blacksmithing.  I put these items (including the blue ones) in with my 77-80 Cataclysm greens, as they're great items for those just hitting 80 and wanting to get into randoms.  They don't sell fast, but they sell well, so they go with the rest of my 77-80 Cata green armor, on 48 hour postings for 300 gold each.

Another market I've finally gotten into is leatherworking.  This has been successful, despite only one of the items showing up on the first page of MySales.  Firstly, I've only had these recipes for less than half of the week.  Second, I went for the Vicious Dragonscale patterns first.  They're not the most popular, but my skinner/leatherworker is an enchancement shaman, and I end up skinning my own leathers with her surprisingly often, so the faster she can kill things, the better.  I had to get the recipes and make it myself because there were none on the AH, but that also means...there were none on the AH.  It may be a slow market, but it's all mine for the moment.

Finally, there's one more category that was quite successful despite not making the first page:  vendor recipes.  If you haven't checked out Faid's vendor recipe guides, you owe it to yourself to do so.  She does a great job, and honestly, I think this sort of thing is the future of guides:  very specific and small, but also very detailed and very cheap.  Nowhere near all of the recipes sell right away or even at all, of course, but when you find the right buyer, someone who really likes collecting recipes but doesn't care to round them up personally, you can very easily turn less than one gold investment into a 900 gold sale.

Anyway, that's been about it for me this week.  Anything on my list surprise you?  Anything you think should be there that isn't?  Let me know in the comments.  Until next time, good night and good gold.


  1. Do you sell enchant chest mighty stat (+15)? and also you mentioned BS have you looked into rods yet?

    1. Of course! They just haven't made the first page this week. Let's give a look...

      Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats: 5 sold at 94g per scroll.
      Elementium Rod: 3 sold at 150g each.
      Fel Iron Rod: 3 sold at 90g each.

      The other rods usually end up being cheaper than their mat costs on my server, and as you can see, rods aren't a huge seller there to begin with. Perhaps it's different on high-pop realms, but on my medium-pop realm, there's just not many people working on their professions right now.

      Of course, this is likely to change when Mists comes out, or possibly even once we see a release data for Mists. (Rampant speculation: Judging by equivalent milestones in the Cata beta, I don't think we're more than a maximum of 3 months out at this point.)

      I also really wish we had that national average of 220g for Mighty Stats. Unfortunately, we just don't. They're still profitable, but it's one of the more popular ones to make, and the AH often ends up flooded. By comparison, fewer people seem to be willing to get into the Maelstrom Crystal enchants, so the prices tend to stay higher.