Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vendor Pet Roundup - Alliance Edition

Welcome back, gold enthusiasts.  It's time for another round of musings from me, Tailswish, the tauren with the heart of a goblin.  Last time, we talked about my typical process of rounding up and selling pets from various vendors, but I only covered the Horde and neutral vendors.  Like any good gold maker, you wanted more, and I promised it to you.  So, without any further fanfare, let's jump right into the Alliance pet vendors in my journey.

If you'll recall, the Horde side of things was made easier by my mage, who was able to port around to all the different cities and seriously cut down on travel time.  Unfortunately, I don't have this luxury on the Alliance side, so we'll be doing some walking.  I have one banker in Stormwind, and one arbitrage alt in Booty Bay.  In this case, the banker is going to be doing the leg work, so we'll assume Stormwind as our base of operations.

The Dwarven District in Stormwind is kind of like the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar, only 20% less awesome.

As the picture shows, I choose to hang out in the Dwarven District.  Your location may vary.  Wherever you start, your destination is the Harbor.  You may want to take the long way around via the canals for a chance to run into Lil' Timmy.  This is optional, though.  He only carries one of the kitten at a time, and he's not always there to find.  Anyway, once you get to the Harbor, you're looking for the leftmost boat, which will take you to Ruth'eran Village.

Going through the thingy there will take you to Darnassus.  Just north of the Tradesmen's Terrace, you'll find Shylenai.  She sells two owls.  Prices will vary from server to server, but on mine, they sell like hotcakes on the Horde side, while they're near worthless on the Alliance side.

Hoo, hoo...who's got owls to sell?
Don't head back to Stormwind just yet, though.  Our next stop is the Temple of the Moon.  There, you'll find a portal to the Exodar.  Our destination there is a vendor in the Crystal Hall by the name of Sixx.  She sells three different moths for your purchasing pleasure.

I included the map here, as she can be a bit tricky to find.
Now you can hearth back to Stormwind.  We want to give our hearthstone at least a little chance to cool down, so the next stop is a bit closer to home. We're headed for arguably the worst-kept secret in WoW, at least for the Alliance:  the crazy cat lady.  For those unfamiliar, she's in a small house in the woods between Goldshire and the human starting area. She sells four different cat pets, all of which can generally make a profit Horde-side.  If you're doing this on a banker like I am, though, be aware that her house is surrounded by level 5 mobs.  Not fun for a level 3 banker priest in starting gear.

Crazy is such a harsh (and accurate) word.

Our last one is more than a bit out of the way if you're on a mountless low-level alt, so you'll want to make sure of two things before making this trip.  First, make sure Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe) sells well enough to justify it, and second, make sure your hearthstone is off cooldown.  Assuming both of those things are in order, our next step is to head back into Stormwind and board the tram for Ironforge.  Head out the gates and into Dun Morogh.  Our goal is marked on the map as Ambersill Ranch.  There, somewhere near the rams and the riding trainer, you'll find a little dwarf named Yarlyn Ambersill running around with a rabbit following her.  Click her until she stops, and the rabbit is yours to buy.

This is apparently how dwarf children earn their beer money.
And finally, to wrap up our roundup, a quick list of the pets I tend to avoid, and why I do so:

Cockroach:  This one just isn't very appealing, and as a result, fails to sell.  The only people who tend to be interested in it are Undead (who tend to notice it being sold by the vendor in Undercity) and people going for a pet collection achievement, who are more willing to look up where to get it.

Ancona Chicken:   There was a time in very early Cata when this one sold well, but most everyone who's taken an alt to Thousand Needles now knows where this one is, since the quest leads you right to him.

Winterspring Cub:  On my server, I'm lucky to get 75 gold for one of these after multiple postings.  Considering it costs 50 (45 after guild discount), it's just not worth going to Everlook for one pet with a tiny margin.

Parrot Cage (Cockatiel):  There theoretically is a market for this, albeit a small one.  I just haven't found that to be a good enough reason to wedge an inconvenient trip to Stranglethorn into my route just for one pet.

So, I hope I've given everyone a reason to take a second look at vendor pets.  Are there any I missed, or do you disagree with any of my choices?  I'd love to hear from you guys what makes this market pop for you.  Until then, good night and good gold.

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