Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sales of the Week

Just a relatively quick post today to let everyone know where I'm at and what's been selling this week.  First, the sales data.

Inferno rubies obviously did very well this week.  Interesting, between a quarter and a half of those gems sold Sunday night.  The night before a bank holiday always tends to be popular, as many people who don't have to work the next day decide to hop on and raid a little bit.  This also explains the popularity of enchants.

The other big seller was PvP items, specifically the Vicious Pyrium pieces from blacksmithing.  Notice how the number sold for each of them is very close.  Many people will buy a whole set at a time (and I cackle with glee when they do).

Another thing worth mentioning is that glyphs made a whole 5% of my sales this week.  By comparison, they probably take maybe 50% of my cancelling time, so I may be getting out of the glyph market for now.  My server has just a really poor glyph market, where no individual glyph is more than 50 gold, and most are under 30.  I'll still be doing my research and stocking up on inks, but it may just not be worth it to stay in this market right now.

And finally, to give you an idea of where liquid gold is right now...

So, an increase of a little over 35k in liquid gold.  Not a bad week, considering where we are in the expansion.

Anything in the list surprise you?  Anything you think should have made the top page but didn't?  Let me know in the comments.  Until next time, good night and good gold.

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